Public Good Blockchain Development Guide

Nowadays there are countless well-made resources on how to learn blockchain development of all kinds and with different specializations in mind, however, it is still very hard to get guidance and personalized suggestions based on your interests. I am writing this guide in order to provide an aggregator of all the resources that I’ve found over the years, plus give some opinionated commentary on how to approach them and how to use them in order to maximize learning and practical understanding in order to get building cool things in the space as soon as possible.

This guide will focus on the Ethereum ecosystem as that’s where most developers and applications are. If you are interested in other ecosystems that are non-EVM compatible and are not L2s on Ethereum, then check out their respective documentation or guides written by their developer communities. Examples of other non-EVM compatible blockchains that are popular are Solana (Rust/Anchor), Polkadot (Rust/Substrate), Cosmos, Terra, and others. Most of these blockchains do or will support the EVM stack through various initiatives like Neon EVM (Solana), Moonbeam/Moonriver (Polkadot/Kusama), EVMOS (Cosmos), etc.

I really want this guide to become a community-sourced public good that everyone will be able to take advantage of. I will do my best to present it to the wider blockchain developer community to get constructive feedback, proofreading help, and insight into how to make it the best available guide available.