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useWeb3 has a very diverse, globally distributed community of Web3-/crypto curious. A technical audience, including designers, researchers and other builders (e.g community builders, content creators, founders, etc..).

There are a few ways to contribute, collaborate or connect.


All the content on useWeb3 is open and available on GitHub. If you have any resources, videos, guides or other content that you want to promote, feel free to submit a PR.

The requirements are that it should be ecudational, open, accessible (free) and aligned with the values of crypto and Web3.

* No project/token/NFT shilling or promotions!


Newsletter sponsoring offers the most flexible option to promote any specific product, services or other announcements.

In the monthly newsletter, I cover general project updates, news from the ecosystem, the latest jobs, resources, events and open-source issues to start contributing.

You can view previous issues or subscribe here.

Standard $200 USD

  • 1 premium slot in the newsletter

Discounts get in touch

  • Recurring sponsoring
  • Combination with job listings


  • Active subscribers: 12.5k
  • Open rate: 51%
  • Frequency: monthly
  • Slots: Only 1 premium slot per edition


The newsletter has only 1, premium sponsorship slot per edition. This includes:

  • Title: will be included in newsletter title
  • Description: custom, tweet size (280 chars) copy, with basic markdown formatting (bold, italic, underline, lists. No images)
  • Link: to website or CTA
  • Twitter account: will be tagged whenever the newsletter goes out, thanking you for supporting our mission

Payments & Donations

All payments can be made using ETH/DAI/UDSC on Mainnet/Arbitrum/Optimism

If you want to support our mission and help on-board more people into Web3 & Crypto, any donations are also much appreciated.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your consideration and support.
useWeb3 is a bootstrapped, indie-project by @wslyvh. Your support helps to on-board more devs into the Web3/crypto ecosystem.

🙏 Wesley