Self paced tutorials to learn Web3 by building

Questbook is a decentralized university where learning is always free. We enable with our cryptoeconomics and a native erc20 coin that powers the ecosystem.

Wikipedia is where the world collaborates on facts, StackOverflow is where the world collaborates on technical question answers, but where does the world collaborate on great tutorials? That is the gap that Questbook fills. All the content is created collaboratively by the community and contributors are compensated by tokens from Questbook and other retroactive grants.

Questbook will train the next 10 Million web3 developers not only with bite sized content created by the community but also by making it accessible on a mobile phone. Users will be able to learn and write web3 programming directly from a mobile phone. No need for a laptop. This unlocks a huge market in India, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America where many people don’t have access to a laptop - but have a mobile phone. But, it also allows those with access to be able to learn on the go.