StarkNet Cairo 101

Get started with Cairo with this simple tutorial. Complete the puzzles, get points and learn about StarkNet smart contracts!

This workshop is a set of smart contracts deployed on StarkNet Alpha on testnet. Each smart contract is an exercise/puzzle; each one outlines a feature of the Cairo Smart contract language. Completing the exercise will credit you with points, in the form of an ERC20 token.

This workshop focuses on reading Cairo code and StarkNet smart contracts, in order to understand its syntax. You don't need to code or install anything on your machine in order to follow and complete it. Getting started (doing the first two exercises) will take you some time, in order to get into the tutorial. Hang on! Once there, things will flow more easily. You're learning!

This workshop is the first in a series that will cover broad smart contract concepts (writing and deploying ERC20/ERC721, bridging assets, L1 <-> L2 messaging...).