Fuzz / Invariant Tests | The New Bare Minimum For Smart Contract Security

What is fuzz testing? What are invariant tests? We introduce how to use these tools in Web3 & Solidity and explain why they are essential, especially for security.

What are Fuzz tests? What are invariant tests? What are they for?

The fuzz/invariant test suite is one we at Cyfrin use to find high-severity issues quickly before we jump into the manual review!

This is the new FLOOR for security in Web3. Please understand your invariants and write fuzz tests for them!

✍️ Article: https://medium.com/@patrickalphac/fuzz-invariant-tests-the-new-bare-minimum-for-smart-contract-security-87ebe150e88c πŸ‘Œ Using the Handler Method: https://mirror.xyz/horsefacts.eth/Jex2YVaO65dda6zEyfM_-DXlXhOWCAoSpOx5PLocYgw πŸ“š Invariant vs Fuzz: https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/144691/whats-the-difference-between-invariant-and-fuzz-testing πŸ› οΈ Foundry Invariant: https://book.getfoundry.sh/forge/invariant-testing πŸ¦” Echidna: https://github.com/crytic/echidna