ETHathon Full-Stack DApp Boilerplate

Highly-integrated, fast, and type-safe monorepo with NextJS, Tailwind, Hardhat,, and Rainbowkit.

βœ… Type-Safe Contract-Interactions
βœ… Multichain by default
βœ… Production-Ready
βœ… Maintained & Up-to-Date Packages

The Stack:

  • Recommended Package-Manager: pnpm
  • Monorepo Tooling: turborepo
  • Smart Contract Development: hardhat
    • Deploy & ABI/Address-Export: hardhat-deploy
    • Typescript-Types: typechain
    • Vyper support: hardhat-vyper
  • Frontend: next
    • Contract Interactions: wagmi, rainbowkit
    • Styling: tailwindcss
    • Styled Components: twin.macro, emotion
  • Misc:
    • Linting & Formatting: eslint, prettier
    • Actions on Git Hooks: husky, lint-staged