Bepro Infrastructure Grant

With the Infrastructure Grant, you gain access to a set of development features at Bepro Network, enabling you to launch multiple bounties, engage your community, and reward talented developers with your own $token.

To ensure that the Bepro Network Infrastructure Grant is allocated to projects with the greatest potential, we evaluate each submission based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovation and Impact: We are keen to support projects that bring fresh ideas and unique value to the decentralized ecosystem. We consider the potential impact your project can have on the community and the broader blockchain industry.
  2. Feasibility and Scalability: We assess the feasibility of your project's implementation and its potential for scalability. Projects that demonstrate the ability to grow and adapt are more likely to receive the grant.
  3. Alignment with Bepro Network: While we encourage diverse projects, we prioritize applications that align with the Bepro Network ecosystem. This includes projects using open protocols, web3 projects with a focus on community governance and DAOs, decentralized identity projects, and more.