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ZK Whiteboard Sessions

ZK Whiteboard Sessions is an educational series on all things zero knowledge

Introductory Modules

  • What is a SNARK?
  • Building a SNARK (part 1)
  • Building a SNARK (part 2)

Whiteboard Sessions with ZK Projects​

  • SNARKs vs. STARKS with Brendan and Bobbin
  • PLONK and Custom Gates with Adrian Hamelink
  • Lookup Arguments for Performance Optimisation with Mary Maller
  • Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine (zkVM) with grjte
  • Achieving Decentralised Private Computation with Pratyush Mishra
  • Introduction to zkRollups with Barry Whitehat
  • zkEVM with Jordi Baylina
  • ZK Swaps with Henry de Valence
  • zkID with Oleksandr Brezhniev
  • Fast Recursion with Plonky2 with William Borgeaud