Enterprise Blockchain Technologies

This free, open-source course aims at providing a reliable basis for university students to get started in enterprise blockchain.

This course contains the practical part of a university course on enterprise blockchain technologies. Typically, a university course is divided into theory and laboratory classes. The theory explains the theoretical foundations behind what is learned in the laboratories. At the end of this course, you will:

  1. Understand the theory on blockchain: what is it (Lab 1, Lab2), and which problems it can solve (Lab 3)

  2. Get to know Hyperledger Fabric's components in detail, such as architecture and transactional model (Lab 4), chaincode (Lab 5), network, and how to develop an enterprise full-stack blockchain decentralized application (Lab 6)

  3. Leverage Hyperledger Umbra to study advanced topics on Fabric (Lab 7, Lab 8)