create-react-native-dapp is an npx utility to help quickly bootstrap React Native applications with access to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Our goal is to help create a sustainable open source ecosystem for Web3 in React Native by providing a dependable common runtime which we can buidl upon and extend together.


  • Bootstrapped by Expo.

  • Easily take advantage of Expo's high quality, well-supported and well-documented library architecture.

  • Supports Android, iOS and the Web.

  • Served with Hardhat.

  • Your generated app comes with a simple example contract which you can deploy, test and interact with directly.

  • Powered by WalletConnect.

  • Connect to secure wallets such as Rainbow out of the box!

  • It's typed, and pretty.

  • It comes pre-configured with TypeScript to help write applications that scale.

  • It's integrated with prettier and husky to ensure coding standards are enforced right from the beginning.

  • And it's ready to go.

  • Built applications come pre-packaged with .env support using react-native-dotenv and companion tests for your contracts.

  • Projects are initialized using deep linking so external navigation is a breeze.