Toucan Protocol

The climate crisis stems largely from a misalignment of incentives. Polluters don’t pay for their emissions. The voluntary carbon credit market is changing this, enabling companies to offset their emissions by paying projects to capture carbon. Today, this market is highly wasteful due to a lack of liquid markets, forcing projects to go through layers of financial middlemen that extract the majority of money from credits.

At Toucan we're enabling a web3 regenerative finance ecosystem, starting by bridging carbon credits into crypto and pooling them in standardized categories. We have created the first globally accessible and liquid market for voluntary carbon credits. Working with top DeFi protocols and the community we enable carbon credits to be used as collateral, yields and money, as well as a huge range of novel applications.

In the first week, our Base Carbon Tonne did 2b$ in volume, we bridged 25m tonnes of CO2 since then and now also have the Nature Carbon Ton (NCT) out in the market for Climate Action Claims or as Collateral for stable coins like those of Celo. We are just getting started, and need top talent that want maximum leverage in solving the climate crisis.

This is where you come in! ✨