Enterprise Sales Manager

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We are accepting applications from the UK, US and EEA only.

We are Ramp

Blockchain is changing the world and has the potential to turn it upside down. We know that it is time to reverse the model we got used to, where the top 1% decide on everything. Blockchain democratises entertainment, wealth, builds new opportunities for community-driven innovation, shakes up the ancien regime. We’re inches away from the paradigm shift and Ramp is here to help move the needle.

The bottom-up revolution is already on the move and there is still some space onboard. Ramp is here to use the knowledge of finance and technology to make business more open to everyone to join in and make crypto easier. Interacting with crypto-powered apps still feels intimidating for most. We work to unlock a future where crypto is as easy to use as eCommerce is today.

We believe in technology-driven change. We are a part of the decentralised revolution. For us, that means adding value to the world by individual approach and critical eye. Our operating framework is built on passion & hunger. We gathered the best-in-class team to work together on things that matter. We want you to feel challenged and motivated by the company you have and give the same feeling to your teammates.

If you share our values and approach, there is a space for you at Ramp!

Role Overview

We’re building our brand new Enterprise Sales Team to help us establish strong, long-term partnerships with the largest web2 enterprise companies out there who are flirting with the idea of blockchain. You’ll be guiding them on their journey into web3 and we hope your expertise will be essential in their decision-making process. Your responsibilities will include researching and approaching new potential partners with the support of the Business Development team, arranging meetings with C-level executives, nurturing leads through long sales cycles (6-12 months), building compelling business cases and - most importantly - closing deals.

You will be working with the largest enterprise companies and their C-level execs on building the most exciting apps of the web3 future that will shape the lives of millions of users.

Core Responsibilities
  • exploring new markets with the help of our Business Development Team,
  • finding the decision-makers and reaching out to them,
  • warming up and nurturing the leads and critically assessing their LTV based on your expertise and market predictions,
  • consulting with C-level execs of enterprise companies to help them succeed in web3, drawing personalised business cases for them
  • explaining the benefits of Ramp in a consultative way,
  • developing and implementing pricing models to streamline the closing process,
  • handling the negotiations and closing deals,
  • managing the sales pipeline and upholding the good practices in the CRM tool (Hubspot).
  • updating Sales Materials and any other resources required to help you close the deal.
  • working closely with different teams (legal, product, account management, marketing) to make sure the deal is moving forward and there are no roadblocks (or that the designated team is working on them)