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Filecoin Saturn

Filecoin, a decentralized storage network to store humanity's most valuable information, is one of the most promising projects of Web 3.0. In the year since its launch, over 17 exabytes of storage have been pledged to the Filecoin network, which is proven and verified by each node operator every single day. As we look forward, many challenges remain to be solved such as continuing to scale the network, allowing user programmability through the addition of a Virtual Machine, and implementing cutting-edge ideas coming from the latest in cryptographic research.

An integral piece of Filecoin’s success is"> style="font-weight: 400;">Saturn, Filecoin’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). Launching soon, people around the world will run Saturn software on their machines – from servers in datacenters to personal desktops and laptops running Windows, OS X, and Linux – to contribute to a global distribution network and be remunerated with Filecoin.

A worldwide delivery network owned, and run, by everyone requires world-class support for everyone. Insofar, we're seeking a Technical Support Engineer, experienced in providing world class support at a software scale, to join the Filecoin Saturn team.

If you enjoy both the technical and human side of engineering, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Work is remote and full time. Hours are regular hours in your local timezone; you won’t be on call.

All your wonderful work will be done in the public, like on Filecoin’s public Slack server, and all your software open sourced.



  • Help Saturn node operators in Saturn’s public Slack channel in Filecoin Slack.
  • Help Saturn node operators over email.
  • Write software to improve and scale Saturn’s support. E.g. write"> style="font-weight: 400;">Python scripts,"> style="font-weight: 400;">AutoKey or browser macros, and internal tools. Operate at software scale, not human scale.
  • Improve Saturn’s documentation on Saturn’s website and Github based on questions and feedback from users. Iterate, iterate, iterate.
  • Provide technical assistance to users running Saturn on Linux servers in datacenters.
  • Provide technical assistance to users running Saturn nodes on personal Windows, OS X, and Linux machines at home.
  • Provide technical assistance to websites and apps using Saturn’s CDN.


  • Be relentless. Have a "find a way or make a way" attitude.
  • Enjoy helping people. Making people happy makes you happy.
  • That's it; no school or degree required.


  • Understand the web and browsers.
  • Understand basic Linux, Windows, and OS X administration.
  • Write software to scale yourself.
  • Excellent people skills. Communicate clearly.
  • Patience and empathy.

Technologies You’ll Use

  • Linux, Windows, and OS X.
  • Electron and browsers: HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Git and markdown for documentation.
  • Python and Javascript scripting and automation.

Example Success Metrics

  • After one month: an established track record of excellent, knowledgeable support over Slack and Email.
  • After three months: improved documentation for users and internal software and tools for yourself so you’re N times faster than before
  • After twelve months: ability to build, lead, and manage a team around you. Build a support team to scale the human element of support.

Job Goals

  • Improve Saturn’s documentation and website based on the questions and feedback received in Slack and over email. The second time someone asks the same question you document and/or automate it. Documentation and software work tirelessly, around the clock while you sleep.
  • Write software and tools that make you 10x times faster and more efficient at your job. Think about automating yourself out of a job. It will never happen; but that’s the goal.


You will work closely with Saturn’s entire team but own Saturn’s support product. You will have autonomy and agency to build and scale Saturn’s support as you see fit, and the full resources to see your ambitions through.

For some existing Saturn repositories under active development, see:

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