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Telegram Mod

  • πŸ›οΈPolygene
  • πŸ’°$120 - $2,000/year
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🌱 Job Responsibilities: Responsible for Telegram community management, interacting with community members, answering questions, assisting in promoting community activities, and following up on hot topics. Responsible for synchronizing official social media content to the community and translating content into the appropriate language. Create memes, GIFs, and videos related to Polygene to drive community engagement and online activity. Provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, including but not limited to activity ideas and community feedback.

Job Requirements: Familiar with Web3 and blockchain, strong English reading ability, at least 1 year of experience in community management or operations. Enjoy working with people, have a good aesthetic sense, and be sensitive to hot topics. Able to respond to community user questions in a timely manner. Knowledge of multiple languages is a plus. Great imagination, sensitive to hot topics, able to create operational topics based on hot spots, and innovate anytime, anywhere. Relevant experience is preferred.