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Senior Director of Product Operations


About p0x labs

p0x labs, a group developing technologies behind projects including Manta Network, delivers privacy for web3 applications and decentralized assets through use of zero-knowledge proofs. The project is built in accordance with first principles, by applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to design and deploy protocols with high performance and strong privacy/security guarantees.

Manta Network is supported by leading investors including Polychain and Binance Labs. The founding team has extensive experience in the blockchain space and come from educational institutions including Harvard and MIT, and leading web3 projects such as Algorand. If you are excited about building privacy-preserving solutions using zero-knowledge proofs, building blockchain applications, or learning about Polkadot ecosystems, then we want to hear from you.

We are developing a Web3 x2earn social and content platform related to Astrology.


Develop an operational plan by combining current trends and social product demand, and then use it to lead brand promotion and product marketing/growth.
Develop and execute on paid advertising campaigns through Facebook, Google, Twitter and other forms of social media with a focus on continuous optimization.
Optimize SEO and overall Internet presence to drive traffic to the website, the application, and overall user downloads/usage.
Develop efficient processes to streamline operations.
Develop influencer relationships and content strategies to negotiate and coordinate against campaigns.
Monitor campaign progress with analytics tools and use the available data to improve and iterate on strategies. 


Bachelor's degree or higher
Excellent English speaking, reading, and writing skills.
5+ years of experience in social product operations, with a proven track record in business management and operations.
Familiarity with top media and new media platforms (experience and relationships with top media and publications is a plus).
Resourcefulness and ability to catch and execute on trends.
Excellent project management, logical thinking, and data analysis skills.
Strong cross-team communication skillsProactive and goal-oriented, patient and meticulous, with the ability to handle stress.Understanding of Web3 and passion for the industry.
Knowledge of astrology and online dating/social applications is a plus.