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Business Development Manager

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  • 🌐London
  • 📅22 days ago


Abacus Works is looking for a Business Development Manager to work Hyperlane, the first permissionless interoperability layer!

The Hyperlane protocol is pioneering permissionless and modular interoperability. Providing developers with an API to connect between blockchains, Hyperlane is the first tool that allows anyone to add interoperability capabilities to any chain, without having to deal with any gatekeeping! Hyperlane's modular security stack means developers can configure and customize their security to their needs, always remaining in control.

Come build the interchain with us!

Learn more at docs.hyperlane.xyz

In this role you will
Be a material part of the developer acquisition pipeline. Meaning you will regularly be:
* Speaking with current and prospective developers on Hyperlane whether they are a smart contract environment (L1, rollup, appchain, etc.) or an app
* Working to increase Hyperlane's exposure within the industry and the target audience
* Attending hackathons and industry events
* Evangelizing the Hyperlane platform
* Contributing to developer acquisition strategy

For this role you have or are
* A crypto native1+ years of experience working with developer platforms
* 2+ years of experience working with Ethereum or similar smart contract platforms
* A strong network of decision makers within crypto projects, including smart contract environments like Layer 1 blockchains, roll-ups, and appchains, as well as applications.
* Bonus: A strong network of decision makers in non crypto-native, but crypto-forward companies like Meta, Shopify, Stripe, etc.
* Ability to operate independently under uncertainty
* Ability to identify, pursue, and close unique opportunities for Hyperlane activityIntensity, drive, and motivation to perform at a world class level
* Strong sense of initiative and ownership